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Welcome! This entry is for newcomers wondering 'who is this Gilman person, anyway,' and a reminder to the old hands about what's forthcoming and already-written.

It's getting...rather long.  0-0
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Things that make me happy: a reader review of HEART OF BRIAR that sums it up thus: "A dark tale, of dangerous gambles, loyalty, and how seductive those who have the power to control your mind can be."

Hrm. No wonder the looking-for-romance readers didn't flock to it. ;-)

The reviewer makes a point of how few reviews this book has on Goodreads, and how that's a shame. I completely agree. Let's fix that, shall well?

(thanks, Caitlin!)

Fourth Quarter and the clock's ticking
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Today is when estimated 3rd Q taxes are due in the mail, if that's a thing that you need be concerned with. Just a friendly reminder from your neighborhood freelancer....

Meanwhile, the editorial revisions to CLAWED (Gin & Tonic #4) are back with my editor as of this morning (on schedule, go me!). So what's up for the rest of 2014?

Well, I'm still waiting on the revisions letter for SILVER (I keep reminding myself it's 'only' been 10 weeks since I handed it in....argh). So when that does hit, it's all decks on hand for that. And it will be an intensive revision, because we're also going to be working with the language experts and the weaponry experts, to make sure no Actual Facts got FUBARd during the creative process.

Other than that?

I'm still waiting on the edits for WORK OF HUNTERS, and I need to finish AN INTERRUPTED CRY, and get those out to the kickstarter backers.

And I owe an editor a short story, and there are two other short stories that have been waiting in queue for...a while now. Oops.

Hrm. 2014 was a relatively quiet year for new releases from me, with only the new mystery and a short story, but it looks like 2015 might be...kinda busy.

(Plus - wearing my other hat - I have a client manuscript incoming any time soon, and a handful of short stories to edit.  Wheeeee.)

oh yeah, and if you're in the upstate NY area, I'll be GoHing at RoberCon in Binghamton at the end of this month.  Hijinks at this location are highly probable.

State of the Meerkat: September, random and otherwise...
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Last night I woke up and - half-asleep - replaced the summerweight coverlet with the down cover. This morning I am wearing sweats and a long-sleeved t-shirt, and making the season's first stew (lamb and lentils).

If you think all this makes me very happy.... you'd be right!

This is a weekend for working, not play: the deadline for the revisions of CLAWED (Gin & Tonic & 4) is Monday. That's also when 4th Q estimated taxes are due, wheee.  Need to get all the paperwork in order.

On the media side, we're into September, and that means ALL THE NEW SEASONS STARTING YAY! (well, except for those that don't start until October, grumble). But that lead to the realization that the reason I don’t stress or angst over upcoming seasons of shows I love is because I treat them like books - the moment I pick up a book I place myself in the writer’s hands: their vision is the one I am falling into, and I trust them to make the ride worthwhile. Angsting over it beforehand shows - for me and I emphasize only for me - a lack of trust in the writer, and if I don’t trust them, why did I pick up the book in the first place?

Now, they may fail that trust, several chapters (episodes) in. But that’s the review, not the preview.

Read in 2014
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* means it was on my #TBRin2014 list

18. GHOST POINT, James Hetley
17. CLIENT MANUSCRIPT, Unidentified Client
16. *SCANDALOUS, Patricia Burroughs
15. Untitled Manuscript, Dana Stabenow (client editing)
13. *THE BIG KNOCKOVER, Dashiell Hammett (story collection)
12. CLIENT MANUSCRIPT, Unidentified Client
11. MEMORY OF WATER, Emmi Itärata
10. WATSON AND HOLMES: A STUDY IN BLACK, Karl Bollers, Rick Leonardi, Larry Stroman (graphic novel)
9. CLIENT MANUSCRIPT, Unidentified Client
6. THE GOD OF THE HIVE, Laurie King (re-read)
5. SPIRAL PATH, Katharine Eliska Kimbriel (pre-pub)
4. CLIENT MANUSCRIPT, Unidentified Client
3. *EIFELHEIM, Michael Flynn
2. KNOWN DEVIL, Justin Gustainis
1. *INK, Amanda Sun

Everything good and bad and beloved and eye-rollingly annoying, all at once....
It's New York Fashion week, and on Wednesday I saw something that sums up everything that is good and bad about this city of mine...

a (clearly indie) fashion photoshoot, of really interesting and wearable clothing that also clearly cost more than I could ever afford... being staged on the street in front of a pile of (in use) SoHo garbage bins.

Yes, yes, you're terribly edgy, darlings. But go you, taking on the big houses. Best of luck with that really great-looking jacket. Can you maybe make it available for under $1000?

And now i want to go buy a bespoke suit.  I have no use, any longer, for a bespoke suit, even if I could afford it.  But oh, I want.  And a pair of dress boots to go with it?

on being a New Yorker today
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A lovely industry party last night, celebrating Tor.com's new novella venture, wherein I saw many people I knew and connected with some people I did not know, and -wonder of wonders - left before the party was over, because it was a school night.

And on the way from party to subway I saw the Twin Lights rising over NYC, and was reminded again - unwittingly, unwillingly - what week this is. What today is.

The pain eases, the wounds heal. But you never forget. Not really. Even when you wish you could.

Absent friends, and the ones we never had a chance to meet.

this is important.
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Originally posted by marthawells at post

Today is fucking CANCELLED.
Graham Joyce has lost his fight with cancer.
The world is a less-well-lit place, now.

Graham was the first -and to this day, only - writer I've ever shamelessly fangirled, interrupting him at a solo lunch at World Fantasy to tell him how much I loved REQUIEM.

The next time we ran nto at each other a year later at the next World Fantasy, he was deep in conversation with someone else, so I didn't interrupt - and forever after he teased me about that, saying I was a love 'em and leave 'em girl.

That was eighteen years ago (!).  Graham was smart, and sharp, and funny, and his books more often than not left me in thoughtful tears at the end, for the sheer beauty of what he could say - and not say - with his prose.  And fuck cancer, for taking all that away from us.

In memory: a photo taken many years ago at Necon, wherein Christopher Golden tried to turn cricket-playing Graham into a softball player (i didn't take very well - he kept forgetting to drop the bat when he ran for first base).

and now for something completely silly....
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We accept our diplomas with the same gravity and solemn demeanor with which they were handed out…


Busy weekend of nothing much at all...
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An end-of-summer cookout at a friend's house, brunch with another friend to discuss Life Things, finally getting around to doing my ALS "ice bucket" challenge, cleared out more stuff-I-no-longer-use, had a nice long skype session with another friend to discuss Life Things, and did some household chores, and some pleasure-reading.

In other words, it was a weekend.  :-)
(And the weather's finally broken to something more appropriate for September, yay! If I'd not had insomnia Saturday night, it would have been near-perfect).

Tomorrow, though, we're back at warp 9, work-wise.  Lots of things to do before year-end, and we're already in the 4th quarter....

How was your weekend?  What do you have up for the week?

Your Cute of the Day. Okay, it's not cute animals. Okay, actually it is.
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The world - delays, irritations, and stupidity - are making me cranky today. This gifset cleared most of that up like a shot of feel-good antibiotics...

There is, in fact, nothing that is not feel-good about this. I mean, if you happen to like watching two guys - fully clothed, get your minds out of the gutter - showing "I love my fucking job" joy... And double that when the two guys are Mark Sheppard and Misha Collins.


Hi! Didja miss me?
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I'm home from DragonCon.

It was a blast, even though I didn't get to indulge my fannish side as much as I'd have liked (too damn busy!). Great panels, enthusiastic audiences, Jess brought me brownies (they were GOOD), people liked my reading, I got to see fellow writers I don't get to see often, had some excellent meals, talked some business, and my flights on either end were smooth (air) sailing.

And I even got to the gym three days out of four.

And then I came home to two of the NEEDIEST cats ever, a pile of work that needs to be done as of yesterday, and weather that didn't get the "summer is over" memo.

My goals for September:

1. Do All The (work) Things.
2. Sleep All The Sleeps.

Yes, I do see the inherent dilemma there. We're working on it.

Off to DragonCon....
But first, I am dropping CatofSize off at the vet's, for boarding, because nobody was able to give him his 2x/day insulin shots was I was gone. I feel like the Worst CatMommy Ever.

(he's not spent a night not-at-home since we moved in together).

The Kitten, not needing 2x/daily care, will be staying home with varied caretakers. Hopefully his social nature will survive not having his big brother around 24/7.

(yeah, Worst CatMommy Ever).

But despite all that, I will ATTEMPT to have fun at DragonCon. Panels! Drinking with fellow writers! Readings! Meeting New Peoples! Signings! Trying not to die in the Atlanta heat! (ugh).

I've also send down a box of backlist books, including a number of Anna Leonard paranormal romance titles. If you're going to be at D*C, take advantage of my cleaning-out-the-closets sale! ;-)

As always during conventions, look for me on Twitter...

The semi-occasional self-shilling....
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okay, since I have the unexpected cost of the boarding fee to pay for, time to do the semi-occasional self-shilling thing....

Like urban fantasy?  Check out the Cosa Nostradamus books, starting with STAYING DEAD for capers, or HARD MAGIC for forensic magic, or MILES TO GO for half-fatae PIs!
Like epic fantasy?  Multi-national adventures? Or the idea of wine-based magics?  Check out the Nebula Award-nominated VINEART WAR trilogy!

More in the mood for something mysterious?  Check out L.A. Kornetsky....
And if you've already read these and liked them, consider giving the author a belated birthday gift, and posting a review on Amazon, B&N, or Goodreads.... because word of mouth does more good for a writer than this sort of shilling-to-the-already-here!  :-)

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