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Welcome! This entry is for newcomers wondering 'who is this Gilman person, anyway,' and a reminder to the old hands about what's forthcoming and already-written.

It's getting...rather long.  0-0
UPDATED 12/26/14 Collapse )

Danny and Ellen are baaaaaaack! (along with a few old friends)
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It's heeeere....... the newest Cosa Nostradamus installment!

THE WORK OF HUNTERS (Sylvan Investigations #3)
$3.50 - A BVC Original

Danny Hendrickson – ex-cop turned PI – and his partner Ellen could be any low-rent private investigators trying to make a difference, and a living, in New York City.

Except Danny’s father was a faun, and Ellen is a storm-seer.  Which means that they bridge the line between human and fatae, between Talent and Null — and specialize in helping people who fall into the dangers between…

In The Work of Hunters, Ellen’s most recent vision strikes a memory for Danny — a memory that quickly turns deadly. Soon, they are racing the clock not only to stop a new killing, but to find justice for the long-dead.

Gilman breaks your heart in the best way possible as she revisits the Cosa Nostradamus world with charming half-faun Danny taking the lead…  [it] delights.” — C.E.Murphy, bestselling author of Shaman Rises

In honor of the new novella, the prices of the first two have been dropped to $2.50, but only on BVC! Grab 'em while they're cheap(er)!
Milles to Go
Promises to Keep

Instead of Black Friday there's Magic Monday...
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In anticipation of THE WORK OF HUNTERS being released at Book View Cafe, the first two Sylvan Investigations novellas have been reduced in price (ONLY at BVC)....



(for December only, at BVC only. Once 2016 rolls in, the price rolls up again)

(note: TWOH will not be on Amazon/BN until after T'giving)

Where I'll Be, the Sunday In Portland Edition.
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Well, Beaverton, Oregon, specifically.  Along with Many! Other! Fabulous! Authors, I'll be taking part in AuthorFest 9, at the Powell's Books at Cedar Hills Crossing.   The festivities officially start at 4pm, but getting there a little early seems to be a tradition....

I hope to see you there!  (remember, a signed book is a FABULOUS birthday present... especially if that book is SILVER ON THE ROAD)

All The Info Is Here

Winter Sky, morning, looking west from Seattle
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I'm really going to miss this view.

Flipping a Quarter....
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Prepping the Gilman Quarterly newsletter to go out. Do we have your up-to-date email?

(subscribers are going to find out some sekrit subscriber info before anyone else!)

Soup Weather
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Mixed Winter Veggie Soup

Make apple-butternut soup.

(basically, a butternut squash and a few apples, cubed and simmered in herbed broth until soft, then pureed to the preferred consistency. It really is that easy.)

Have some of it for dinner, store the rest in the fridge.

The next night, make a curried veggie stir-up.

(cube yellow squash, celery, and carrots, and season them with sweet curry powder, salt, and pepper, pan-fry them in oil with garlic and onions).

Eat the stir-up for dinner (or as a side with meat), store the rest in the fridge.

On the third night, put the remaining soup in the blender, add the leftover fry-up and a cup more broth, and blend until smooth. Optional: adding more curry powder to taste.

Easiest Ever Red Lentil Soup

In a medium (2- to 3-quart) saucepan or Dutch oven, heat about a tablespoon of olive oil over medium heat. Add a couple ribs of celery, a carrot or two, and a quarter of an onion, chopped coarse,  sprinkle with a bit of salt, then cover and let the vegetables sweat until the onions are soft and translucent, about 5 minutes.

Add a cup of (washed & strained) red lentils, four cups of broth, a sprinkling of sweet curry powder, a dash of ground cumin, and a bay leaf. Bring up to a boil, then turn the heat down to low and let simmer, covered, until the lentils begin to fall apart, about 20-25 minutes.  Add a dollop of ground grana padano (or parmesan) to the top.  Serve.

They're easy, they're healthy, they're tasty as fuck, they reheat well in a microwave, and because most of the ingredients aren’t expensive, it’s budget-friendly.  Unfortunately, the winter veggie soup doesn’t freeze all that well. No meal’s perfect.....

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I am not Paris. I am not Lebanon. I was New York.
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40 people killed in Lebanon’s bombing Thursday. A still-being-counted number of dead in the Paris attacks last night.

I was in Manhattan on 9/11, within the shut-down zone. I know some of what goes through your head, how your heart races, and your brain is never quite the same afterward. And I know that there is a cry to DO SOMETHING, to STOP THEM. But we can’t bring fear and violence on that enemy and win, because their entire goal is to force us to violence.

(we should have learned this already)

The moment we let fear and anger override compassion and sense, we fail. In that failure, we've set the stage for a repeat, the return of an enemy who has no nation, has no civilians to protect, has no goal except to drag us down into the same pit of hate and loss they have chosen to reside in. Hate, masquerading as righteousness.

I don't know how to break that cycle. But I know that we have to.

Midweek Good News....
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Considering the top five names, I am not at all depressed to be #6.  :-D

(thanks to everyone who bought copies - there or elsewhere!)

New Review Happiness for SILVER ON THE ROAD....
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The Vampire Book Club reviews SILVER ON THE ROAD, and invokes both Faith Hunter's Jane Yellowrock and Diana Gabaldon's Claire in OUTLANDER in their discussion of why they gave it 4.5 stars....

"I’m happy to think they can keep traveling the Road indefinitely"

#Willwrite2FeedOthers 2015
Okay, we’re doing this.  Or you’ve got the chance to do this, and in turn make me do this.

What’s this?  #WillWrite2FeedOthers.  Year three.

You donate.  I write.

As many of you know, one of the charities I give to regularly is my local food bank. Because a warm meal makes everything else, no matter how hard, seems a little easier to manage. Especially for kids.  No kid should ever go to bed hungry.

Bt this isn’t meant to be a guilt trip: you can’t coerce charity – well, you can, but guilt only goes so far.

A carrot, on the other hand…..

So here’s the deal. If I get at least 30 people to send in a screen shot* of a donation made to their local food bank/soup kitchen/whatever, of no less than $5 (of your local currency)** by 15 December, I will post an original short story to my site on 1 January 2015.  Yes, for everyone.

If we get 60 people or more…well, I’ll up the stakes in a yet-to-be-named way.***

Because Thanksgiving dinner tastes better when you know other people are sitting down to a meal, too.

*send the screenshot to lag@lauraannegilman.net

**I specify cash because most organizations can make money go further than we can, due to their connections. But yes, a screen shot of at least $10 worth of goods being donated will count.  As will proof of an hour or more of volunteer time.

***oh god, I want people to rise to the challenge, but I also fear it….

Practical Meerkat's Advice About Advice.
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There are a lot of books out there about How To Write (hell, even I have one, although Practical Meerkat is less about writing than it is surviving the writing life). But here's the thing.....

The thing about writing advice is that it's not only NOT one-size-fits-all, but we (hopefully) grow out of advice that did fit, once.

Therefore, be wary of anyone who says 'this works!' All they are saying 'this worked for me, maybe it will help you too.' Shop around. Don't trap yourself in something that's not helping - or worse, something that HURTS.

dude, no, what?
Best new meh review of SILVER ON THE ROAD over on Goodreads includes the following line:

"Oh, and also, the cover is atrocious, but I guess that's par for the course, given the genre."

Yeah, okay.  I may have some issues with the story-accuracy of the cover art, but overall it's hot damn with chocolate sauce.

A cool, dark morning with warm, dark coffee...
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Part I of THE COLD EYE is now marked up with red ink (notes) black ink (rewritten bits), and post-its tacked to relevant passages. 5 more parts to go, and then another pass to put it all together, and then another to polish it, and...

Yeah. And people ask me if I ever read my books once they're done. After an average of 10 passes, including the copy edit, would YOU?

Meanwhile, today there is more revising, and some editing of Other Peoples' Work, and dealing with the ACA for 2016, oh joy...

Tomorrow there will be socializing. And probably some whinging about the ACA paperwork. Because Tis the Season.

breaking news...
truth to power

“The State Department has decided that the Keystone XL Pipeline would not serve the national interest of the United States - President Obama #ActOnClimate

It’s not the entire war, or even a deciding victory, but it’s a significant battle won.


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