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taken completely out of context...
and without incriminating anyone:

Person 1: "The REAL question is, how much would you girls be willing to PAY to see a nude wrestling match between Hugh Jackman and Neil Gaiman? I sense business opportunities here!"

Person 2: "Hell, make it a tag-team match -- Neil Gaiman & Taye Diggs v. Hugh Jackman and Viggo Mortensen -- and *I'll* buy a ticket."

*digs into wallet* Me too!

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Oh, my. Oh....::cough:: my...

Does that even need context?

I'm willing to wait in line for a ticket :D

...actually, I think I'd be happiest if you took Neil out of the equation. I'm pretty sure he's not as ripped as the rest of them... :)

Maybe not, but he's got the best hair!

well, the conversation started out of the tor.com AFD post about finding a single woman in the world who didn't think Neil was sexy, so he's there by default. *grin*

*laughs* Fair enough. :)

finding a single woman in the world who didn't think Neil was sexy

*raises hand*

Yeah, that was my take, too. Nice guy, great writer, but meh on the sexy. That's when Hugh was brought in....

Whilst I am very fond of Mr Gaiman...

I do commend Hugh as an excellent replacement.

(Deleted comment)
Viggo's okay. Aragorn is hot, but Viggo's only okay.

Apparently you and I should get together and drool over guys. We seem to have similar tastes. :)

(Deleted comment)
Bwahahah. THat sounds fun. :)

Oh, honey. Have you seen Viggo naked? Like in "Eastern Promises"? He's hot.

How much are tickets? *g*

The rest of them do fine... Neil... well I'd just giggle. I can't help it, after ages of Esther telling wonderful stories/descriptions of him... I just can't NOT giggle.


Sorry. My undies just went up in flames on part one so part two was unnecessary.

::Starts seeing what she has available on her credit cards::

:::raises hand:::: well... for me on the pervie level....

neil gaiman and peter wingfield

hugh jackman and josh holloway

Yes, yes, i'd wanted to throw Peter into the mix, too. Althogh I'd ahve been replacing Neil, probably. Unless it was being judged by voices, in which case I think actually Hugh loses out. Well, unless he's singing, which--oh, nevermind, this is getting complicated. :)

Having seen Hugh on Broadway, he stays on my list.

Sings, dances, cracks jokes, and strips down well. Um, yeah. I appreciate a multi-talented performer.

Oh yes. I've seen him live, too. Om nom nom.

see? so very complicated! i think we need to do a mix and match until we're certain of the pairs that we decide on. perhaps a long appraisal time? :::nods:::

I'm still annoyed they did "The Raven" or whatever instead of the Joe and Methos Show. Just the two of them sitting around in a bar. Drinking beer. Occasionally singing and playing guitar. Maybe sometimes working on fight moves. I'd have watched that!

Re: All Hail The Nose!

i fully agree. i am much miffed about that. really. i mean i wholly support that show... even now. i'd still pay to see the joe and methos show.

hell, i think they should even allow for fans to be guests as audience members :D

Oh . . . I like Peter Wingfield. That man looks soooooo good in a cableknit sweater.

*coated in Extra Extra Virgin Olive Oil*

the original discussion was mud wrestling, actually. The first quoted speaker changed it to nude, 'cause he's just a perv that way. *adjusts halo, smirks in his direction*

Eh. Make it some combination of Philip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Giamatti, Jason Segel, Seth MacFarlane, Jimmy Kimmel, or Paul Rudd, and I'll bring the champagne and crabcakes.

Isn't that kind of, well, sexist? LOL

Well, sexual appreciation is certainly involved, and could be considered sexist and therefore offensive. However we are, IMO, appreciating performers in a non-intrusive and non-derogatory way. I see nothing wrong with that, no matter what gender is admiring what gender. YMMV and that's fair and reasonable.

[and we're admiring a wide range of menfolk, in terms of age, appearances, and attributes. So while it may be gender-based, it's also inclusive... I challenge straight guys/lesbians to consider women in the same ranges as sexually-appreciated individuals. Come on, everyone can play....]

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*gets in line for tickets*

*fans self*

Person 2: "Hell, make it a tag-team match -- Neil Gaiman & Taye Diggs v. Hugh Jackman and Viggo Mortensen -- and *I'll* buy a ticket."

Hell, I'll buy ringside seats!

Holy cow. You don't know me, but can I have a ticket, too??? Pretty please?

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