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...and the angel of death passed overhead like a hawk not hunting that day....
surrender the manuscript
5 responses on the writing post
11 responses to the cat picspam post
38 responses to the nude celebrity wrestling post.

You guys are so busted.

Me, I got nothing. Plans for the weekend are to hunker down and write, write some more, figure out where to put things in the new kitchen cabinets (slowly, order is restored!) and write some more. Brain is all about the books, right now. Then a brief pause to go up to Boston for the seder, and to congratulate Eldest Nephew on his choice of Pitt (Syracuse was the second-runner).

Amusingly enough, for the first time in my entire life I actually have a kitchen that's truly kosher for Passover. Mmmmm, matzo. Mmmm, matzobrei. I need a working stove so I can make matzobrei! (savory, not sweet. How about you?)

Writing. Right. Gone.


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Funny-- the Hub's cousin just made her college choice and she's going to Pitt as well. (I think North Carolina was her second choice.)

I'm in recovery from surgery so I may not make Seder, but I expect to be sent lots of matzoh ball soup. And matzohbrei & charoses. nom nom nom...

How savory is savory? (Do you add onions to the mix?)

My father makes an *amazing matozbrei, and the brei itself is "neutral" - he adds salt to his, and the rest of us add jam to ours....

Salt, garlic butter, a small chopping of onions. No jam, maple syrup, or sugar (although I will say that the maple syrup version t'aint bad, if you're looking for sweet)

so what have we learned from these comment statistics?

1) Sex sells
2) Everyone loves a cat story
3) suricattus keeps score :-)

My plans for the weekend include - anything that will shake this headache and fever, light laundry (which will do nothing for the fever or the headache but will give me a warm glow of satisfaction) and no seder. I got my matzo ball fix last week when I was still up in CT.

Matzobrei!!!!!! And yes, savory all the way

Busted for what? I write and have three cats. But I've never actually seen nude celebrity wrestling. Of course I'm going to attend to the novelty.

Ah, Passover, when the angel of death passes over but dinner takes its own sweet time. :-)

I'll be attending seder at a friend's home, hence almost no cooking for me--just as well. Not a stellar cook, moi.

Speaking of cooking: Kitchen pictures! Want kitchen pictures! Want to vicariously bask in the joy that is your new creative space!

the photos are going up, slowly, at my flickr site, and when it's all done I'll have a before-and-after photo for those without the stomach for looking at Actual Renovations (it has been known to make folk faint-headed)

you know... i was good and didn't recommend a clive owen / gerard butler match for the nude wrestling.

Oh dear... you went there, my imagination followed like a puppy dog begging for a treat.

tHanks alot.

not a problem. glad to be of service. ::::bows and offers cookies::::

dark side. chocolate chocolate chip. one of the perks.

I see your chocolate chocolate chip cookies and raise you Dark Chocolate Whoopie Pies with Salted Caramel Buttercream filling.

That don't work, check out the Dark Chocolate Cupcakes at the bottom of my Failcakes post. Heh.
Yeah. I'm evil, what can I say.

heh... i have a chocolate mac nut brittle cheesecake i can share :D

Mac as in Macadamia Nuts?

You had me until them.}:(

i'm from hawai'i. mac nuts are like... well, coffee :::grins::: cause god i love coffee.

I think I like my version of the DarkSide better, we have Tea.}:P

(hate coffee, lol)

heh.... love coffee. and of course love tea. :::nods::: black tea. usually. and i think i'm spamming someone else's LJ.

I laughed and read the first bit of this out loud to Ted, who said, "Nude celebrity wrestling post?" I said, "It involved Neil Gaiman, Viggo Mortenson, Hugh Jackman and Taye Diggs."

Ted said, "Oh my."

Really, what else is there to say? :)


you expected better from us? }:P

Actually, I expected much worse. :-)

5 responses on the writing post
11 responses to the cat picspam post
38 responses to the nude celebrity wrestling post

we are all in love with words, so we do them every day, most of us have catz, most of us with cats know how cute they can be because thats how they mrowl. Not all of us have access to nude celebrity wrestling... everyone has their own dream team for that, plus the fact that wrasslin aint real..

Its the *exotic* that does it.

So, you're saying I shouldn't talk any more about writing or publishing, should only occasionally talk about the cats, and should post more about nekkid people?

I suppose it might up my traffic for a bit, but I gotta say, there are already people out there handling the nekkid celebrity thing much better than I could. You'll just have to continue being bored by my writing neep.

I will settle for being bored, you make even that sound good. Neepery good. Oh, are we going to see the final finish of the kitchen?

Life in NYC is exotic, fast paced, you get stuff delivered to your door ... its strange and wonderful!

Explain to me just what you mean by "handling the nekkid celeb thing better than I could", because, y'know, well. _Handling_. Nekkid cele...

...ok, fine, I'll just go away now. :)

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