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Will cut-and-paste work? Looks like their e-mail is a bit slow. (Must be all of your fans in a rush to donate.)

Thats what I did...well, a screenshot anyway... :)

It finally made it in. Took about 10+ minutes, tho.

I was looking for another charity to donate to and I was considering MSF.
This post pushed me over the edge.


Just want to say thanks for doing this. (I sent my donation to MSF earlier this week. They are my go-to organization in situations like this.)

I donated yesterday. Can I still play?

Done and email sent. Thanks!

Hey Liam :) Fancy meeting you here!

Just did it.

Will send receipt shortly.

Thanks for doing this!

I was going to donate to Red Cross, but MSF has an inflatable hospital!

just did it and sent the receipt. I'm going to try and send more money later today after I've talked with my wife to see how much we can do (she handles the finances).

Regardless, thanks a lot for doing this. I've used MSF in my fiction before now -- I'm not sure why I hadn't thought of this before now.

Oh, we donated yesterday, so I sent you a receipt. Only now I feel vaguely guilty we didn't donate more. :( I'll have to talk to Dan about that when he gets home, our funds aren't *that* tight....

The whole thing is just horrible.

I'm feeling vaugely guilty too, so I've just sent MSF another $20 for good measure. Guilt is a good thing in this context :)

*gives you both cookies*

Receipt sent. Also made a second donation today because my conscience insisted I was cheating using the donation from yesterday for free goodies. I guess I fail at the "evil" part of being an evil minion. :-)

Confirmed and sending the receipt now.

Send the receipt over.

Katie aka bigferret

Just sent my receipt.


Can I promote this via FB or would you rather this was kept to here?

Ok to boost the signal, but only a few sets left....

(Deleted comment)
Just wanted to let you know I donated, though I only had $10.
But this post was very effective.

or simply put the ever-popular "Dear eBay auction winner."

Okay, I have to ask. Do people actually ask that you sign that?

Oh, and if it wasn't obvious from the get-go up above, yeah, I donated.

After you've seen signed books show up for sale on ebay 2-3 days after a convention or signing, you start to get cynical. Okay, maybe you don't, but I do. So now I ask.

Oh, I'd get cynical. I'd also be curious as to what my John Hancock would be selling for, but I'd definitely be cynical.

it's funny 'cause it's true...

Q: what is the most valuable edition of an author's work?
A: the one they didn't sign.

Re: it's funny 'cause it's true...

I guess it's different strokes for different folks, because I doubt I'm ever giving up any books/CDs I've had signed.

Re: it's funny 'cause it's true...

My sentiments exactly. I ask for books to be signed because they are important to ME not because I think it makes them more valuable to someone else.

Six books? Just had to top me, didn't you? ;-)

But they're mass market! My new trade doesn't come out until May!

Anyway, you can't top the person who came up with the idea in the first place. You still da Queen.

Can't donate $50, but this is a fabulous idea. We gave what we could. Thank you for doing this.



Thanks for the opportunity to help out those in need and read something new.

Sorry for the anonymous - OpenID isn't working with Google for some reason. -- tchansen

Received the books! Thanks!

At the risk of using too many exclamation points but I'm quite excited now.

Forgot to say I also forwarded my receipt. D'oh!

Hmm... I saw this after I donated, but I did donate to MSF.

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