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A) I'm so, so glad you have this in your life. It's hard to believe I've known you (in intarwebz terms) to remember how unsettled you were feeling that last year in CT and the excitement and expectation when you moved back home.

And B):

I said once that I live in a state of constant chaos, and in that chaos I find my center. I like it that way -- it keeps my brain engaged, my creativity high. Change -- the slow constant evolution of your awareness -- is good. It's, for some of us, essential.

Unlike anywhere else I've ever lived, NYC understands, accepts, and even advocates a constant state of change: you can leave and come back, changed and yet the same, and there is no discomfort, no trying to fit in again, because it too will be a different city, and yet still very much the same.

This is exactly how I'm feeling about the move to Seattle. I'll check back in two years and let you know how it's going, but right now, I suspect I'm going to have a very similar feeling. *g*

And New York City is glad to have you back where you belong.

Geez, two years already? On the one hand, it doesn't seem like that long ago -- on the other hand, it's hard to remember you not being in the neighborhood. :)

Funny, I woke up this morning to the realization that "hey, we've been in this house 2 years already!"

Maybe this will be the year we finally finish unpacking. :}

Is it selfish of me to wish that it had worked out that you'd landed in Philly? Tough!

I paid a long weekend visit to NYC a few weeks ago for the first time in several years, and I was struck by some of the little changes that have come to be (cabs take credit/debit cards???), but also by how comfortable I felt to be back there. I don't know that I'd ever want to live there (I live in South FL now, and am very comfy to be here), but I do think I want to make a point of visiting a bit more frequently. :)

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