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.... yet! It is only the first of the month. You can make it.

::takes your panic and hugs it tight::

Eek, yes, a short month and I have 2 major deadlines staring me in the face and beating me over the head plus the day job.

Who invented Mondays, anyway?

I'm pretty sure that Mondays were created as compensation for Fridays.


We got back from a weekend-long SCA event and there was a package waiting for us.

I assumed it was yarn for my wife, but it was books -- six of them.

You rock!

I ordered the last 3 Retrievers novels in mass-market. The high point of my weekend. *g*

You need to get out more. :-) But enjoy!

(there should be a suggestive-not-command tense for things like that, shouldn't there? I sign "enjoy" on books and I feel so damn pushy)

oh god, it is a short month. ugh.

Well, my Monday just got a lot better. A package was delivered by Ye Olde Letter Carrier.

Thanks, Laura Anne!

Ditto on the package of shiny new books. Yay and thank you!!

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