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Monday Returns Us to Life As Usual...
meerkat coffee
So, what did YOU guys do all weekend?

*winces, laughs*

Things to do in February:

- polish "Firebreak" after Beta gets done with it, and send it to Madame Editrix
- finish writing "Rat King" (and resist urge to re-title it "Cracked Nuts")
- do the final prep on the Cosa Nostradamus material for BookViewCafe and get that sucker loaded
- revisions on WEIGHT OF STONE
- start writing THE VINEART WAR #3
- wait for approval of Bite #3 "At Your Command" -- once gotten, start writing
- write non-fiction piece for BookView Press
- freelance jobs
- prep for Dublin trip
- prep for Liberty States Writers Conference
EtA: - write post for PARANORMAL ROMANCE blog

Oh god. This is a short month, isn't it?


ETA: eeee! I can has wrist-warmers? I can! And a new scarf, too! *is all toasty and warm and BRIGHT RED!*

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I ordered the last 3 Retrievers novels in mass-market. The high point of my weekend. *g*

You need to get out more. :-) But enjoy!

(there should be a suggestive-not-command tense for things like that, shouldn't there? I sign "enjoy" on books and I feel so damn pushy)

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