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Congrats to all the nomi...hey wait! That's ME!
So Wednesday morning the phone rings. "Hello, this is Mary Robinette Kowal." And I swear to god, my first thought is "why is Mary (secretary of SFWA) calling, and using her formal voice? No, wait, I'm a lifetime member, I can't be late on my dues..."

And then she (gently) broke the news to me that FLESH AND FIRE: Book 1 of The Vineart War, had made the final Nebula ballot.

And, oh, by the way, don't tell anyone yet*.


But now it's official**.

The Nebula Awards, for those new to this game, are the peer-voted awards for writing in the SF/F community, voted on and given by the Science Fiction Writers of America (and International Members). Basically it means your fellow writers thought you did a good job worth noting.****

So to those of you who liked FLESH AND FIRE enough to nominate it, I thank you. To those of you who are not SFWA members but liked the book and would have nominated it if you could, thank you. I am, truly, honored. I don't have half a prayer of actually winning***, but it would be great if we at least made a strong showing in the runner-up category....

And congratulations to my fellow nominees, the nominees in other categories, and you guys duking it out for the Norton and Bradbury awards, too! Go, us!

* I told my editor and my agent. I didn't even tell my mom, mainly 'cause her phone was busy and for once i didn't want to leave it to e-mail/IM
** We'll send out an announcement by Friday, she said. And it will be all over Twitter three seconds after that, I added. And lo, it was.
***I've already placed my bets on who the winner will be, but hey, if it wasn't a horse race the horses wouldn't run, right?
****And since I'm starting Serious Work on the revisions for Book 2, this was a really nice and much-needed pat on the back and reassurance that I'm Doin' it Write.


Thank you so much for all the help and hand-holding, and y'know, FUDGE! :-)

Yay! \o/

Congratulations! :)

Congratulations, Laura Anne. I'm really happy for you. :)

Excellent! Congratulations!

are you doing the Happy Agent Boogie, x2? If so, pls be careful of your footing... :-D

All right! Congratulations!

Awesome, congratulations! Does this mean we might see you in FL in May?

I'm contemplating time and cash budgets...

Whoo Hoo!!! Happy Spoon dance with Silver Pompoms! Huzzah!

Yay! February is turning out to be a fabulous month for you :-)

It's scary .... am waiting for things to even out so I can go back to my normal, comfortable eeyore-ish self...


Can't wait to read it, I have heard nothing but rave reviews!

I missed the deadline for everyone, but I will be casting my ballot for you! Contragrats.

Congrats, LAG!! So awesome!

(Deleted comment)

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