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My life in 8 words: Organized chaos, by preference. Exhausting, but never boring


Thank you so much for all the help and hand-holding, and y'know, FUDGE! :-)

Yay! \o/

Congratulations! :)

Congratulations, Laura Anne. I'm really happy for you. :)

Excellent! Congratulations!

are you doing the Happy Agent Boogie, x2? If so, pls be careful of your footing... :-D

All right! Congratulations!

Awesome, congratulations! Does this mean we might see you in FL in May?

I'm contemplating time and cash budgets...

Whoo Hoo!!! Happy Spoon dance with Silver Pompoms! Huzzah!

Yay! February is turning out to be a fabulous month for you :-)

It's scary .... am waiting for things to even out so I can go back to my normal, comfortable eeyore-ish self...


Can't wait to read it, I have heard nothing but rave reviews!

I missed the deadline for everyone, but I will be casting my ballot for you! Contragrats.

Congrats, LAG!! So awesome!

(Deleted comment)

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