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Attn Anyone Attending Capclave.
citron presse
If a writer-type were to be coming in via train/bus, might she be able to catch a ride with someone to the actual hotel on Friday? My times are flexible, my luggage portable....

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Coming off the train at Union Station you will need to go to the right, unless you want coffee or a snack before the metreo ride to Twinbrook. Heads up, all of the Union Station elevators are under construction. If the escalators by the first street entrance aren't working, walk through Union Station and take the escalators by the front near the little outdoor food market. You will want to take the redline towards Shady grove. A Grovesner train won't go to Twinbrook. The train will likely stop over ahlf way up the platform. All trains stop with the lead car at the end of the platform, most trains are 6 car so the back of the train is a ways from the first street entrance.

The fare should be $4.90 for that time of day... $5.10 if you enter the system after 4:30.

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