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Things happening elsewhere on the farm, are of interest to those in the barn, too.
This.... is interesting.

The Supreme Court during arguments considered limiting the reach of a 1789 U.S. law that was largely dormant for nearly two centuries, but used in the past 20 years by foreign victims to sue multinational corporations for abuses committed overseas.

The court's conservatives voiced concern that allowing such lawsuits violated international law, that it created tensions with foreign nations and that the U.S. law only applied to acts by individuals, not to corporations.

Interesting on a human rights issue, absolutely.  But also... if the court rules that corporations are not bound by this law, because they are not, legally, individuals... have they just also ruled that they cannot be considered individuals under other legal terms?  Like, say, political contributions?

And if they are ruled that yes they ARE liable for acts committed in their name...

Could get interesting.  Oh yes.

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Dred Scott for corporations? Will the next Fort Sumter be somewhere along Avenue K?

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