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writerbrain. yeah, it's like that.
meerkat coffee
Trying to convince myself that, just because I woke up (thanks cats) at 5:15, and had coffee in me by 6am, this does not mean I'm an utter slacker if I'm not at work by 6:30.

Mind you, this morning, as of the above-mentioned 6:30 I had fed the cats, made coffee, cleaned up the kitchen from the previous night's depredations, and sorted the recycling. It's not as though I lounged on the sofa eating bonbons.

Now, I know that part of it's because I'm productive in the morning, and my brain hates losing productive time. But seriously, brain? 7am isn't good enough for you?

Screw you. I'm going to go watch cartoons for half an hour.

[oh, for the days when there were actually decent cartoons on at 6:30am. I miss my Battle of the Planets....]


Before anyone thinks I'm a total workaholic, I feel the need to point out that between 2pm and 5pm are a dead zone for me. I can do administrative and detail work then, but writing? Not so much. So I have to grab the hours that happen...

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I think they call it Gatchaman in Japan, which, as I remember, got translated into G-Force. Right?

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