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You are going to Spain! How about France?

This trip's to Spain. I'll be back, I promise! :-)

"Why I Drink Wine" essay? Color me curious. When I see a topic like that, I get intrigued because for most people the answer is a simple "for enjoyment." Is your relationship with wine more complicated than that?

I suspect most wine nerds consider their enjoyment to be not-so-simple. There are elements of simple satisfaction, yes, and possibly inebriation (although a wine drunk is not something I'd encourage, and is easily avoided), but there's also a level of social interaction/obligation and discourse that arises out of sharing a bottle of well-made wine, that I don't often encounter with other booze, even among my Scotch nerd friends.

So yeah - it can be complicated, in that there's more than two or three threads to the weave...

Ah. Sounds like an interesting puzzle. Maybe tapestry is a better metaphor?

I keep putting off my "Why I Became a Sommelier" essay. I've started it a few times, but start going off track on philosophical or narrative tangents.

That would be a fun essay to read!

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