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Off to Lunacon...
I'm day-tripping, but expect to be too tired when I make it home to do more than feed the cats and fall face-down, so expect no further LJ transmissions until Sunday at the earliest.

My schedule is here, if you'd like it. I will have "meerkat minion" ribbons with me, if you want to show support for this 'umble writer... and there will be copies of DRAGON VIRUS for sale at my signing on Sunday (and possible even randomly on Saturday).

- there may even be a few copies of the Vineart War trilogy in my bag, if you're jonesing for the hardcover at a discount...-

See who I see there, and see the rest of you here when I return!

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Ah, Lunacon, how I miss thee! Have fun!

When you get back, can you point me at a good place to have those badge ribbons printed? I think I'd like to take some to ChicagoTARDIS.

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