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Monday is Tired. Also, random. And yet, Very Focused.
meerkat coffee
So, that was the Holiday Weekend, Spring Edition. Over on Twitter I hashtagged my family as #6ReformJews1BuddhistandMe, which prompted discussions of how to turn that into the next hit sitcom....

So: who would play me? Or do I not want to go there?

Busy day today.  Usual Monday workload, plus playing tour-guide around Manhattan, and later today - Bruuuuuuuce! at MSG.

Meanwhile, I'm getting a bit of interview-time on the Internets! In addition to the one at Flames Rising, I'm featured over at Eating Authors. In both places, natch, my focus is on the Danny books (which are, by the way, collectively called "Sylvan Investigations"), and using crowdsourcing/Kickstarter and its related craziness, excitement and neurosis to offset the craziness, excitement and neurosis of traditional publishing....

Oh, and speaking of Danny and Kickstarter, since I offered the current backers this tidbit, I might as well taunt you with it too...

I'd heard about her. Heard enough to be damn cautious.

She licked her lips, and raised those scared eyes to mine, and said the words that were always my damned downfall.

"I need your help."

One of these days, those words were going to get me killed. Might even be today.

Oh Danny, poor Danny. Fauns, half-breed or otherwise, have no business being noir-ish detective heroes. Why do you do this to yourself?

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