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I come seeking wisdom, but will settle for caffeination.
Oh Internets, show me your combined wisdom. I need to replace my coffee maker, aka "Old Faithful." I have limited counter space, no need for an espresso machine (I had one and gave it away), and generally drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day (real cups, not what they claim is a cup).

So. Hand over your recs.

Also, I am tempted, based on the love I have for my wee travel-sized French Press, to buy a larger size one for everyday use, but am not sure how well that would work out for a full morning's iv drip....

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Do you want my larger French Press? I don't use it any more, and I can send it along (was used very lightly for about three months). It filled my mug, for pre-work caffeine, and then the travel mug for work.

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