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It’s getting kind of crazy around here…
madness toll
Ok, the #M2GP2K Kickstarter is starting to get a bit crazy, ’cause I just got sweet-talked into throwing another short story into the bonus-pot.

At $9 you get two novellas. Not bad, yeah.

At $15, you get that, plus a previously published story.

Bump that up to the $40+ pledge? You’re getting TWO novellas, a thank you letter from the main character, the previously released story, and TWO original-to-Kickstarter Cosa Nostradamus short stories.

One of which will feature Madame, the Great Worm of Manhattan.

I’m already giggling in (evil) anticipation.


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Only 151 people have to cough up $9, or 90 people have to cough up $15.

Yes well, we're not going to find those 90 people HERE. We need to drag them in off the street, tell them what a wonderful reading experience they'll miss, if they don't Act Now! *g*

I know. But it is here I post.

Only 138 people have to cough up $9, or 83 people have to cough up $15.

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