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20 minutes
citron presse
Disclaimer: I'm not a poet. I write occasional things that might be considered found poetry.

This morning, my tweet: "I have fresh coffee, sleeping cats, and morning sun. Can I just sit here all day?" caught my eye before I hit send. So I took it aside, and reworked it to

"Fresh coffee, sleeping cats, morning sun / I would I could sit here all day, for this moment."

But it still didn't really convey what I was thinking, which was less wistful and more seeking-of-zen.

So I considered the tactile and visual influences, and changed it to:

"Fresh coffee, dozing cats, the leaf-dappled sunshine.
I would sit here all day, to be in this moment."

And there, I thought, I caught the impossible and yet achievable goal, to hold very still to maintain a moment over a period of time, both physical (the action) and emotional (the sensation of calm).

And then one final tweak, and I have the current version:

Fresh coffee, dozing cats,
the leaf-dappled sunshine.
I would sit all day, to be in this moment.

I think I will let that version sit, for a while.

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