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Various and Sundry sit down to dinner...
citron presse
Oh Friday. You came too soon, and yet I am so very glad to see you. Not huge gains in the writing front, but steady progress, and a lot of pending freelance work finally wrapped up. And the laundry was done. You know you've been putting off the laundry for a while when you start loading the fifth machine....

Interestingly, this has been a week of Cooking Dinner, which was a nice change from last week, when I seemed to be grabbing whatever could be eaten straight out of the pantry (almonds should not qualify as dinner, mmmjustsaying). Nothing fancy or complicated, but actual soothing-to-the-brain cooking.

Tonight: oven-"fried" chicken with a paprika-panko coating, and garlic-sauteed haricot vert, and a green salad with grana padano dressing. And a glass of Côtes du Rhône red. Not the best match for the meal, but an inexpensive bottle I didn't mind opening for a glass or two.

EtA: and Boomer seemed convinced he wanted some green salad, to the point of trying to put his paw down on it. I finally gave him a leaf and he was all "wait, what? No, I don't want this!"

Meanwhile, I feel I should issue a PSA (not that most of you need it, but...)

If you disagree with me, fine. I hold my opinions strongly, and know that other people do, too. But for the love of whatever you hold holy, do not then come in and request that I provide you with publicly-available data (like, of, the full text of a recent Senate bill) because you don't agree with my conclusions.

I am not your PA, your paralegal, nor your secretary. Do your own damn research.

[in today's instance, I had already given one link to directly support the numbers I quoted. That link led to a site that had links to the info requested. But that would have required HIM doing the work, so...]

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