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I got a seat to the DC Nationals Stadium concert in September. For some reason this one used tickets.com instead of ticketmaster, but it had it's own set of bizarre and frustrating issues. There's a special kind of nervewracking when you're trying to figure out how to fix a form error that's entirely unclear when you know those sweet tickets are going to expire if you don't figure it out! (With tickets.com, the phone number field had a short 3 digit box and then a longer box. To checkout, you had to leave the short box blank and put the 10-digit phone number, no dashes, yes area code, in the longer box. WTF?)

Is it September yet?

Oy. You'd think, in this day and age of internet shopping, it would not be so complicated...

(I have to say, I really like Ticketbastard's "ticketless tickets," wherein you bring your ID and credit card and they scan you and your companions in. No muss, no fuss, no scalpers allowed. Wish they did they for every show)

Why don't you just decide to travel with him during the summer? The cats would hate you forever, of course, but at this rate that's the direction your pointing toward.

*snorts* Been there, did that (up and down the East Coast, anyway). Different economic reality now, and besides, I'm going to be traveling against some of his shows...

If we were going to be proper roadies I would have kept the station wagon- a mattress fit in the back half of it.

Huzzah for concerts- and huzzah for seeing you with far more regularity than the past few years. We shall have to keep this trend going.

I obviously need more caffeine. I saw this opening phrase:

"After the MSG Springsteen..."

and my immediate concern was whether our foodie hostess had gone to the dark side (not to mention risked migraines) using an additive more common in cheap takeout beef chow mein...

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