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Sunday - not so much with the day of resting, me.
citron presse
Some days, you just can't spend behind the computer screen. Sunny, low-60's, a bit windy but otherwise a perfect day for the first 25 mile bike ride of the season. Which was not, in fact a 25 mile bike ride, but rather a 15 mile bike ride down to the West Village, a long pause for a bike show (wherein I bought a very useful pannier/messenger bag, but not the lights I'd hoped to find), and had lunch with Danny L, and then another 10 miles back uptown before the crackling of my knees suggested I should hie onto the subway the rest of the way home.

Thankfully, MTA riders do not deathglare at bikes on their subway (just don't try it during rush hour!) and for the first time ever I got offered help lugging my bike down the stairs (thankfully, it's light enough to be a one-person haul). Da Bronx wins over Manhattan, there.

I probably won't get another long ride done before I go on vacation, but I intend to do the round-the-island trip at least once this summer, if anyone local wants to join me (including stops along the way, natch)

Here: have a bridge. My most-beloved bridge, in fact, from a vantage point most people don't get to see.

And now, I need to shower, take a painkiller for my knee JiC, and head out for some much-earned sangria....

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