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Don't Wait
From Twitter:

@LAGilman We never know how long we're going to get - we just get this chance NOW to do something. Anything. Don't wait. #fuckcancer

If you don't know someone - probably several someones - with cancer, it's only because they're not talking about it. Cancer hits everywhere, in small doses and large ones, and every form of it is terrifying, our own bodies turned enemy. And the clock that is always ticking, suddenly becomes that much louder.

I know too many people with cancer. Some of them have been fighting it for years. Some have only just been diagnosed. Some have hopeful outlooks - some have a death sentence. I'm honored to know them, because each one of them has said, in effect, "fuck cancer. There are things I need and want to DO."

Don't wait until your doctor looks at you with That Expression. Don't wait for the ticking to get louder. If you have something you need to do, if you have something you want to do.... do it. Now.

Don't wait.

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We're all day-to-day. As this guy used to say all the time.(Granted, he was being a wiseass, but it had the kernel of truth.)
I wish my life were a little fuller right now...sometimes the pages get to looking a little shabby and it gets too easy to think of all the stuff I haven't done and all that.

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