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I am home.
citron presse
The cats are annoyed, but cuddly. The checks I was waiting for have arrived (the royalty fairy was not at all kind, but not an utter bitch, either). There are groceries en route for tomorrow morning (ordered in the UK - I love living in the future)

I feel...oddly discombobulated. Home feels like home but it's not entirely right. *frowns*

There are things that need to be done. Tomorrow morning, I am back at the desk, back in the war room, back on the pony. But part of me may still be sitting on a stone ledge high above the world, watching vultures swoop and soar on the winds below us....

More photos (unsorted and mostly unlabeled, right now, at the flicker set

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Gorgeous, though it's good to have you back, twinling.

it's good, if slightly weird, to BE back.

And don't forget, young lady -- you have cookies to bake. Hope that grocery delivery will include flour, butter, and plenty of sugar....

Very pretty.

I usually have that discombobulating feeling after a trip.

(I also love the word discombobulating and all it's forms to an unhealthy degree)

Mooncat points out that she is not in your apartment, and therefore *obviously* something is missing.

right now, Pandora is clingy and vocal enough for five cats....

Welcome back. I relieve you, ma'am! *salutes, resumes Duties of Chaz*

drat, I kinda liked being tall...

It does have its disadvantages - a lifetime of hanging curtains, painting ceilings, etc - but yeah. On the whole. by and large, give or take: I'd take tall. If only for embedded sibling-rivalry reasons (I come from a very short family; there is all of them, and then there is me...).

on the other hand, I fit into airline seats reasonably comfortably....

There is that. On the other other hand, I did get bumped up to business class a couple of times on transatlantic flights, when I pleaded for an exit-row on account of my length of leg and there weren't any left in tourist. (That doesn't happen any more, with all this wretched checking in online. Ruined my life, it has...)

Sounds like a great trip!

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