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Houston, we Have Launch (and Your Chance to Win)
Book View Café is celebrating the opening of our new, completely-redesigned bookstore!
By giving readers a chance to win the book of their choice, free (and DRM-free).

Just take a look around the BookView Cafe store anytime up from RIGHT NOW! until midnight, June 7, and choose the book you'd like—all the books that are eligible for the giveaway are plainly marked with a gold star. Then come back here (before 11:59PM on June 7th) and leave a comment with the name and author of the book and why you want it (we reserve the right to use that comment for publicity purposes).  This contest is open to everyone - worldwide.

At the end of the promotion, one winner will be selected at each participating site*. If you're a winner, we'll send you a coupon for the e-book of your choice.

On June 8th I will number all of the responses left here, and then have the Oracular Cat choose a winner by the time-honored method (involving paper slips, and catnip.)  You need to reply to my you've-won! post w/ your email, or the Oracular Cat will chose another.

              One  entry per person, please - multiple comments on a single site will be disqualified .      

In addition, during our Grand Opening, all BVC anthologies are available at half price
(except Ways to Trash Your Writing Career and Breaking Waves).

*Here are BVC author sites where you can enter for additional chances to win:

Maya Kaathryn Bonhoff 
Chaz Brenchley 
Patricia Burrough
Jeffrey Carver 
Amy Sterling Casil 
Laura Anne Gilman 
Lois Gresh 
Kit Kerr 
Katharine Eliska Kimbriel
Kelly McClymer 
Vonda N. McIntyre 
Nancy Jane Moore 
Linda Nagata 
Pati Nagle 
Steven Harper
Phyllis Irene Radford 
Patricia Rice 
Madeleine Robins 
Deborah J. Ross 
Sherwood Smith 
Jennifer Stevenson 
Judith Tarr
Dave Trowbridge

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So hard to decide!


Judith Tarr, The Lord of the Two Lands, please.

I used to have all of her books in print and really loved the ones about Alexander and/or Egypt the most. Lord of the Two lands was one of my favorite books and I unfortunately lost it when I moved.

Hi Laura!

Because I've been foolish and not bought it yet, if I were to win, I'd want a copy of your Practical Meerkat’s 52 Bits of Useful Info
for Young (and Old) Writers :)

Even if I read most of the entries as you shared them...it would be nice to have them collected in one spot.

I'd love to win a copy of the Beyond Grimm collection. I've been looking for more short stories for bed time reading, and I love fairy tales, the more unusual the better!

Bvc new and improved?

ROCKET BOY AND THE GEEK GIRLS would be terrif, because i want to say it a lot and it has a lovely list of people whose work I know or want to know.

Re: Bvc new and improved?

unfortunately, since you didn't identify yourself, I have no way of identifying you if you win. This is...not helpful. :-(

I would like The Marquess by Patricia Rice because I like mysteries.


from not anonymous!

I would like to read ROCKET BOY AND THE GEEK GIRLS would be terrif, because I want to say it a lot (I'm reading "Rocket Boy and the Geek Girls") and it has a lovely list of people whose work I know or want to know.
Andi Shechter

you need to tell us why you want that book, too!

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