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Monday-Thursday are dead to me, already
meerkat coffee
This week is BEA (BookExpo America). Goodbye, work-week. I'll see you next Monday.

Things to Do This Week, alphabet edition

- BEA set-up (for the SFWA booth) (Monday)
- networking with librarian-types for BVC at BEA
- managing the cats at the SFWA booth
- my signing at the SFWA booth (1pm Tuesday)
- various BEA gatherings and get-togethers
- networking with digital media types for BVC
- networking to drum up business for d.y.m.k. productions
- do not lose my s.h.i.t.
- BEA break-down (Thursday)
- puppy-sitting (Thursday-Saturday)

If I happen to get some writing done, or production work, or...well, anything other than BEA, then that will be a beautiful plus. But this week? I'm not expecting it.

If everything works out as planned, you may refer to the SFWA booth team as Goddamned Superheros. Or Pepper fucking Potts.

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You are most certainly a superhero. Have a good week and take care.

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