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Monday-Thursday are dead to me, already
meerkat coffee
This week is BEA (BookExpo America). Goodbye, work-week. I'll see you next Monday.

Things to Do This Week, alphabet edition

- BEA set-up (for the SFWA booth) (Monday)
- networking with librarian-types for BVC at BEA
- managing the cats at the SFWA booth
- my signing at the SFWA booth (1pm Tuesday)
- various BEA gatherings and get-togethers
- networking with digital media types for BVC
- networking to drum up business for d.y.m.k. productions
- do not lose my s.h.i.t.
- BEA break-down (Thursday)
- puppy-sitting (Thursday-Saturday)

If I happen to get some writing done, or production work, or...well, anything other than BEA, then that will be a beautiful plus. But this week? I'm not expecting it.

If everything works out as planned, you may refer to the SFWA booth team as Goddamned Superheros. Or Pepper fucking Potts.

You are most certainly a superhero. Have a good week and take care.

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