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After a week of not knowing what day it was, knowing it's Monday is almost a relief. Almost.
meerkat and diet coke
Still feeling vaguely hammered, aches-wise (and oh hi sore throat) but it's Monday, so I'm back on the clock, and - more to the point - back on the Schedule of Averting Doom....

Carried over from two weeks ago

- return phone calls
- finish reading draft of FIXED for 2nd pass notes
- make Kickstarter cookies [this has to wait until I'm feeling better. Nobody wants me coughing in their cookie dough]
- create a Lands Vin FAQ

New Stuff

- page proofs of COLLARED (due back 6/19)
- polish draft of Kickstarter story #1
- polish new proposals for sending-out
- start prepping DRAGON VIRUS and FROM WHENCE YOU CAME for their ebook release
- QETs
- get to bank/post awful
- take Cat-of-Size to the vet

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