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Because after yesterday's post, I kept thinking that surely I had miscounted....
original novels published since 2004 (not including any tie-in work, novellas, or co-written books)

Staying Dead
Curse the Dark
Bring it On
Burning Bridges
Free Fall
Blood From Stone

Hard Magic
Pack of Lies
Tricks of the Trade
Dragon Justice (August 2012)

The Camelot Spell (YA)
Morgain's Revenge (YA)
The Shadow Companion (YA)

Flesh and Fire
Weight of Stone
The Shattered Vine

As Anna Leonard:

The Night Serpent
The Hunted
Shifters Destiny (Fall 2012)

As LA Kornetsky:

Collared (November 2012)

...so yeah, in 2013, my 21st-23rd books will be published (the Portals duology, and Fixed). Um.

And yet, and here's the ironic part, I ran into a UK editor at a World Fantasy a while back, and he commented on the book that was just out - FLESH AND FIRE, I believe - and asked if it was my first book. He was slightly abashed when I told him it was (at the time) my 10th. And most of 'em have gotten solidly good reviews, too.

Hardest working unknown in the genre, hi, that may be me....

(I laugh, because I'm one of those people who look horrible when she cries. Really - pink eyes and quivery nose and pulled-out lower lip. Very nice.)

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