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So that's been happening. How 'bout you?
citron presse
I am 3/4 done w/ the page proofs for COLLARED, & I still think this is a fun read. Apparently, L A Kornetsky is calmer (has fewer authorial twitches) than I am, at this stage.

Writerbrain, you tricky, tricky thing.

That's all I got. That's all I've been doing All. Day.

(well, except for breaks to stretch, cough my lungs up, and read some Avengers fic. But mostly page proofs and making notes to add to book #2, and thinking about making a website for L A Kornetsky because there's not enough time in the world for her to have her own Twitter account although dog knows, she'd run with it.... Ms. Kornetsky is Occasionally Inappropriate, I fear)

Maybe she should be on Pinterest? hrm.

EtA: and apparently another thing I didn't do all day was eat. I remember a few spoonfuls of peanut butter, and some popcorn, and coffee... Yeah. Protein is called for.

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