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citron presse
Spent some time trying to explain watching tides go in/out to someone who has never seen the ocean. Also, undertow. My head hurts now (so does his). You can tell them about the physics of it all, show them video and explain what you see and feel... but it's hard. There's a sensation, standing at low tide: silty-silky sand underfoot, the pull of the tide around your ankles, the tang of seawater & salt air... also, the scurry of tiny crabs, and schools of fingerling fish, the pop-bubble of a clam, a constant corner-of-the-eye parade of movement, waiting for your notice.

Rising tide exults, headbutts, makes you laugh. Ebb tide seduces, and makes you sigh. And you can't ever really trust either.

Yeah, I'm missing the ocean already. Never mind that I live like 8 miles from the Atlantic, it's not the same when filtered through harbor and tidal river, much as I love both.

Some days I look back and think "did I do anything other than sit on the sofa and veg/console felines all day?" And the only way to answer that is actually put together not a to-do list, but a been-done list....

-Cleared out the pile of mail I didn't get to yesterday.
-Went to Costco to restock on dry goods and sundry perishables (met the folks there, and drove them home so they didn't have to take a cab - ah, the joys of city living).
- Printed out revisions letter for Heart of Briar and marked it up to give myself a base to launch from tomorrow.
- Scheduled bills to be paid & updated finances
- Snuggled with ElderCat, who is still feeling somewhat clingy and bitchy.
- Contemplated where to hang the piece of art I bought on vacation (a multimedia piece by Vicky Grace Hoff).
- Cleared and rearranged my desk so I have no excuse tomorrow.
- Cleaned portions of the apartment (ok, I dusted and brought the recyclables down, that counts, right?)
- Started packing up books to go to the Kickstarter patrons (100/300 bonuses).

Not too bad, I guess.... I still feel like I slacked horribly. More caffeine, tomorrow.

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