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Because if I can't egoboo here, where can I? Over on Goodreads, comments are starting to come in about DRAGON JUSTICE, but this one's my absolute Monday-made-better favorite:

"DRAGON JUSTICE is what I [call] brain candy. It is the perfect book to curl up with and let the storytelling carry you away. It is well written and there is nothing, well except for the need to sleep, that pulls you away from the world Ms.Gilman has created."

One month until the Official Release In Stores! And why, yes, yes, I AM planning on marking the day.... how? You'll see......

It's always odd and disconcerting and exciting, seeing people react to something that - for me - ended months ago. Like a (re)found photograph, bringing back the memories... And yet, I'm already down the next road, taking new photographs. And I want you to catch up, but I also want to stay ahead, leaving you these photographs....


Carried over from two weeks ago

- return phone calls
- make Kickstarter cookies (nom nom nom)
- create a Lands Vin FAQ

New Stuff

- return the rental car
- daily wordcount on M2G (5/5)
- begin revisions for HEART OF BRIAR (p. 108/317)
- put together the Official Option Material Proposal Package[tm]
- get to post awful (mail out Kickstarter packages)
- format-prep of "Dusted" for Kickstarter patrons
- continue prepping DRAGON VIRUS and FROM WHENCE YOU CAME for their ebook release
- contemplate promo for DRAGON JUSTICE, as well as SHIFTER'S LEGACY and oh yeah, there's a mass release of THE SHATTERED VINE coming along, too. Um. Busy Autumn?

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