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I have actual content. But it's going in a book.
citron presse
This morning's brief-but-fierce thunderstorm has done its job: it's no cooler out there, but much steamier. Ugh. The Transformer Office has been relocated to directly in front of the AC, along with the cats. I have deadlines that wait for no weather front. :-( On the plus side, Transformer Office can handle it.

Working on the revisions to HEART OF BRIAR and the draft of MILES TO GO. A day spent writing is a good day, no matter what else happens. I keep reminding myself of this...

Spent much of yesterday reading the SCOTUS decision on the Affordable Care Act, and the fallout therein (including Rand Paul's OMGWTF exposure of his own stupidity OMGWTF?). Am somewhat disgusted that so many people are focusing on the "oh noes they're MAKING ME GET INSURANCE!" aspect of the law and ignoring all the many other very important bits that improve the health care situation for much of the population. It's reminding me much of all the "YOU CAN'T TELL ME TO WEAR A SEAT BELT!' complaints I heard when those laws were pushed through. Dude, put on your seat belt, prepare for eventualities, and read the actual law already, okay?

Toward that, I give you this:


"Under the ACA, states will set up group exchanges by 2014, which will.... allow individuals and small businesses to band together to form groups, just like if they were part of a large corporation. The exchanges will not be able to consider pre-existing conditions when creating groups — currently one of the biggest reasons why individuals or small businesses have a hard time getting affordable insurance."

In other words, folks: the ACA is the reason why I don't live in fear of ending up in the hospital and having my life savings wiped out by medical costs - because the Freelancer's Union was able to set up exactly that. And if you work for a small company that doesn't offer health benefits, or are self-employed and can't afford insurance, the ACA could change that*.

Yeah, I think this is better than what we had before. You're not going to convince me otherwise, no matter how much you say "oh noes the taxes! oh noes the loss-of-my-freedoms!" Dudes, the Patriot Act was a loss of freedoms. This is just a reminder to be a fucking responsible adult. IMGDO.

*Catastrophic, to cover your ass, or more as your situation required. And if you want "Cadillac" insurance, you can pay more for that, too. Market options. not perfect, but yeah again...better.

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