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Updatery is Updated
nate-and-hardison, via champagnetoast
Under the heading of “better not-early than too-late,” I have (yeah, I know, finally!) updated the DRAGON JUSTICE page, complete with excerpt & ordering info!

Soon (how soon? Two weeks. Maybe three…) there will be a chance to Win Valuable Prizes on the Official Release Day(s)! Keep an eye on this page….

I’ve also updated the ordering info (where available) for THE SHATTERED VINE paperback (scheduled release: August 28th).

And now I need to go back to avoiding the utterly disgusting and unwanted heat wave most of the country seems to be laid out under, and finishing the revisions on Heart of Briar, and writing Miles to Go, and…. y’know, all that other stuff that (I hope) keeps you coming back….

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