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One Book A Week, Week One
citron presse
Summer, everyone knows, is for reading. Well, so are Winter, Autumn and Spring, but especially Summer.

So every week, from here through the end of August, I'm going to be giving away a book*. Some of them may be mine, some of them may be by other people. They may be just-out, or entry-points to an on-going series. It will be a totally random and whimsical choice, to keep things interesting.

How do you get in on this? Simple: you comment here on why you need something new to read. Vacation? Stuck in bed with a bad cold? Totally out of book-buying funds? Captured by aliens who insist on a new story every night or they'll eat you?

Tell me.

(you can enter every week, but only once every week. And you MUST identify yourself in your post, either via log-in or a name and contact point. I'm not going to choose anyone who doesn't identify**.)

Ready? Go.

First book: DON'T READ THIS BOOK, edited by Chuck Wendig

Down a lonely alleyway, under a starless sky, lies a city that never was, yet is: the Mad City, where nightmares walk the streets, and a good night's sleep can get you killed.

Here, then, is a book from that place. Within these recovered pages are the tales of the Awake, insomniacs who've walked those perilous streets, bringing a bit of the power of dream with them to fight back the night—always at a terrible cost.

For many, it will not end well. For a few, they might just become heroes—or at least find their way back home.

For you, a choice. Turn away. Don't read this book. And maybe you'll continue to rest easy. Or open the cover and enter a world unlike any you've ever dared to imagine...

*yes, a real, actual, PAPER book.
**the post will 'open' on Monday, and 'close' on Friday. Winners will be chosen over the weekend, and informed the following Monday
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