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Second Monday of the Week
citron presse
So yeah, there were fireworks last night.


There was also heat. And humidity. And a pitcher of Dark 'n Stormy, and fish tacos, and visiting friends, so it was all good in the end.

I am very fond of Independence Day.

(afterward, I turned to Younger Visitor, who had been attempting teenager-jaded, and said "so, can we throw fireworks?" She agreed that we can, indeed, throw fireworks).

Today, thinking that it would be a settle down and work day, I instead I woke to discover that the laptop's power cord was borked, and said laptop had 0 power. So I threw self and laptop and various other things into the rental car and headed into Manhattan for an appointment with the Genius Bar.

The good folk at the Bar now think that I can break anything. They may not be wrong.

Then - having already written the day off - I ran a bunch of other car-requiring errands, including buying a new A/C unit to replace the one that gave up the ghost. This means, of course, that we will have a nicely cool rest of the summer.

Or not. If not, at least I'll be better prepared.

As an aside: summers in NYC, and especially summer holiday weeks in NYC, are amazingly traffic-light. This is the time to come in and, well, do everything. Even the best, usually overbooked restaurants have reservations available (for lunch, if not dinner)

And now, speaking of which, I am off to the wilds of Brooklyn for a friend's 51st birthday dinner at Peter Luger. Happy Carnivore coma to follow...

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