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I know it's all grist for the mill, no experience is ever wasted, etc, but I really could have lived without being able to write clearly about what it's like to be splashed with gasoline....

(pump error, no meerkats were harmed in the Learning Experience. A little pungent, maybe, but not harmed.)

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that and diesel, and my fave, the gas/oil mix used for 2 stroke engines.

Noxious stuff though thankfully not as bad as the old leaded fuel was.

Better a splash rather than a full dousing though.

I love, love, love, love that Oregon bans self-serve gas stations.

I grew up in a state that bans self-service, but everywhere else didn't (and if you're driving, you're probably going out of state at some point, so damn well need to learn HOW to do it). This was a random pump error happening once in almost 30 years of driving. Fair enough odds.

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