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Wow! Thank you, Laura Anne.

Every Thursday I go to the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. I go to a study office we have down there. The study is VIDUS - Vancouver Intravenous Drug User Study. We've been running it for over 15 years.

When I started I went down there a lot. Then there was a few years when I didn't, then I started back up. For the last 7 years I've been going down there.

It teaches you to see a look in people's eyes. It sounds like something from a novel "a look in their eyes". But it's real. It's this... sense of disconnect. Sometimes it's surprise when you nod at them, see them and treat them like people. Sometimes it's shame. Sometimes it's fear. Always it's a sense that they feel lost.

We do a lot of work down there and we cross paths with a lot of homeless. Like Steven says, once you start to see it, it becomes hard not to see their world.

Here, we do what we can. It's never enough but... we do what we can. I'm so, so sorry, Steven. My heart goes out to you and Sasha.

I've donated what I can to the shelter you listed. Under "additional" I put :

For Shasha.

Take care.

That's wonderful. Thanks so much!

It's not much but it's what I can.

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