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hot town, summer in the city....
citron presse
Depending on your choice of forecaster, it will either be 99 degrees in the NYC area today, or 105 degrees, or somewhere in-between. And humid. They're all agreeing on the humidity.

Day 6, I believe, in the current heat wave. It's still equally bad or worse elsewhere in the US.

People, seriously, even if you think you like the heat? This is bad. Stay cool, stay hydrated, and don't forget to eat!

My plan is to hole up in the bedroom with the A/C cranked to HIGH, and get as much work done as possible in-between heat-naps. I've already laid-in a supply of soda, sorbet, and sandwiches, so there is no need to turn on even the microwave, OR make a delivery person go outside in this heat.

If we lose power, I'll be down in the local park with a cooler of ice and the aforementioned sandwiches (and you're damn right I'm charging ALL the tech right now, JiC).

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