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A small (not small) victory...
from email:

Before: The Roanoke Athletic Club in Virginia reportedly told Will Trinkle, Juan Granados and their 2-year-old son that they didn't qualify for a family membership because Will and Juan are gay, and therefore not a real family.

After: In just eight days, nearly 175,000 people signed a petition on Change.org supporting Will and Juan, and the Roanoke Athletic Club responded by issuing a new policy: Any family, gay or straight, married or unmarried, now qualifies for a household membership.

"I want to thank everyone who signed," says Mark Lynn Ferguson, the Roanoke native who started the petition supporting Will and Juan. "You hailed from all over -- Roanoke to Rome -- and you delivered a clear message that there is no room for this kind of discrimination in the world."


I was one of those people who signed the Change.org petition. Do I think that the Club saw the error of their ways, recanted, and will be open and accepting forevermore amen?


But I do think that they care about how they are viewed by others, and the public scorn heaped on them certainly helped changed their behavior.

And once you change behavioral patterns, you can get change into the thinking patterns, too.

Change.org. It really is the little tool that can.

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