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Because Patrice made her Mind Meld debut recently and I probably should read one of her books at some point...

Book Contest

I need something new to read because I read 3-4 books per week, and the library in my town is kind of small.


I need the book since I need to be distracted while I am waiting on the verdict about my laptop. :(

I have a story addiction and am out of money for new books. My library has a small sci/fi section, and the lack of editing I've found in free stuff for the kindle makes my teeth grind.

I'm always on the look out for new books/authors and this story already has me intrigued. If I could afford it I would spend the rest of my life reading but alas funds always seem to run short.Thank God for contests like this!

Luck (and the Oracular Number-Picker) smiled upon you! :-)

Please email me at lag-at-lauraannegilman-dot-net with your mailing adress!

The book/series sounds interesting to me, and the author's not someone whose work I'm familiar with. New authors = new sources of delight...

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