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Boosting the Signal: Ballou SR High School Library Book Fair
citron presse
LAG here: Got $10?  Make an investment in the future.  You'll never know how it turns out, but you can be pretty well-assured it'll be a Good Thing.  Because the more kids read, the more they think.  And thinking - especially when there's so much pressure to NOT-think - is a goodness.

Originally posted by marthawells at Ballou SR High School Library Book Fair
A few years ago I discovered that I love book fairs for school libraries. There's something about buying books for kids and libraries that I can't get enough of. I mean, I'm addicted to them and have to restrain myself from spending way too much money. If I was rich, they would need a truck to ship the number of books I would buy for a school library.

The Guys Lit Wire Book Fair for Ballou SR High School Library has started. The link to the library's wishlist at Powell's and the shipping address of the school's librarian is in the link. When you purchase the books, Powell's will prompt you to check them off the wishlist.

we were already planning to return to Ballou but the news that libraries in particular were facing major cost cutting measures in the city has just strengthened our commitment. When we began with Ballou in 2011 there were just over 1,500 books in the library, or 1.25 for each of the nearly 1,200 students. Now, they have 5,484 which means we are about a third of the way to our goal of meeting the ALA standard of eleven books for each student. The three book fairs for Ballou to date have resulted in over 1,000 books bought from Powells Books and many others donated directly to the school through the publicity we have helped generate. Now, we are back to Ballou for another round of gift giving from a list of 450+ great new books that has us all really excited.

There are lots of SF/F, manga, and non-fiction on the list. So far (I say so far because I don't know how long I can hold off on a second order) I've sent The Chaos by Nalo Hopkinson, Adaptation by Malinda Lo, No Boyz Allowed by Ni-ni Simone, 2 Days by L.B. Tillit, The Stranger by Anne E. Schraff, and Detective Conan #2.

If you can't afford to contribute a book from the list, please pass the info on. You never know, someone on your friend's list might be rich and want to buy a truckload of books.


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