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Hi mom, I'm home...
citron presse
I have a LARGE coffee, a redeye sammich, a comfy sofa, and cats who are glad to see me. And blessed, blessed solitude. The introvert is badly in need of some alone-time to recharge...

Because yeah, I love getting out and seeing readers and visiting other places, and shilling my books to all and sundry, but being social does not negate the "introvert" portion of my personality, and all this? Wears. Me. Out.

So about all I'm good for right now is some cat photos.


Why I need vision insurance more than dental...
(thankfully, this is my older "emergency" pair, so the yelling was limited)


And ElderCat is annoyed that I shifted, and interrupted her lap...
(this is also one of the best photos I've ever gotten of my Duchess at her most feline...)

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ah yes, cat hockey with your glasses... very absorbing and entertaining.

Why I need vision insurance more than dental...

I know the feeling. And the feline.

(He says, looking at the toothmarks on the earpiece of his glasses. Then at the cutely napping kitteh who puts 'em there.)

What is it with cats and glasses? My cat Lily attacks my glasses like crazy. Lovely pic of Elder Cat. ;-)

Shadow doesn't attack my glasses; she attack my hands!!

They're both absolutely adoreable. ♥

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