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Oh, Monday... (deadline iteration)
almost-there dragon
‹LauraAnne›I have just had the sudden thought that nothing in this book actually works, as a coherent storytelling whole.
‹Princejvstin› hmm?
‹LauraAnne› Paul: that's novelistese for "OMG it all sucks." Right on schedule.

In other news, I have reached that point in the manuscript where the ultimate chapter becomes the penultimate chapter and then suddenly it's the pre-penultimate chapter, as the ending seems to step backward, one slow, taunting pace at a time... Oh, deadline, yes, I see you there, 14 days hence. No need to play coy, we both know what this is all about.

It's the Monday of Thanksgiving week. I have a hundred and one things to do that aren't writing, and we're out of coffee. *puts on sunglasses* Hit it.

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I may not be 106 miles from Chicago, but I am closer than you. ;)

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