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To me, "Cook All the Things" sounds like a title to a Patterson novel. Or a spoof of a Patterson title.

I didn't know there was a vegetarian edition. (I have the other one and dip in quite often.) Not that I need another cookbook. Really, I don't.

Sounds delicious! I've been meaning to get that book ever since I heard him speak in Portland in September. BTW, stick blenders are an awesome alternative to the regular kind for soups.

Hmm, this would count as an authentic American recipe, yes?

I have pumpkins ready. I have already made the stock. I may do this for the Thanksgiving potlach this Saturday.

Well, American-the-continent, anyway. Pumpkin and butternut squash have slightly different flavors (and pumpkin flesh isn't quite as firm), but so long as you test during the cooking, and adjust your spices accordingly, it should work...

Also, if you don't have to worry about dairy issues, milk or cream is very nice in this soup, I am told (haven't had that version myself, for obvious medical reasons).

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