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I've tried all the sugar substitutes as well, but I've never found one that even vaguely worked. They either taste like chemicals or cause me to have horrible indigestion. Real sugar is the only thing for me when I must have something sweetish.

I have tried all of the sugar substitutes, and they all taste vile, so I stick to the raw sugar as well. I will just take those calories with my coffee and deal with it. Apparently I shouldn't have the substitutes anyway, so it all works out in the end.

And that sounds like an excellent restaurant to patronize.

What a lovely gesture from your restaurant.
And I hope today is less irritating.

I've quit ingesting things with artificial sweeteners in them altogether - I just moderate my use of sugar down as far as I can - and that's surprisingly far. However, on the rare occasion when I drink a soda, it's always Diet - for some reason sugared soft drinks leave a nasty, sour taste in my mouth.

I would have loved it if Nebraska/Omaha/Lincoln had got their act together and built a light rail system between Omaha, my home, and Lincoln, where I worked for 20 years. But we commuters would never have been able to pay for it ourselves - it would have had to be so heavily subsidized that the other 98% of Nebraska citizens whose taxes would have had to pay to keep it running would have justifiably headed for the Capitol with pitchforks and torches. I envy people who can be passively carried along between destinations, reading, sleeping, knitting...it was not meant to be, for me.

Actually, a city with a mass transit infrastructure is ahead of the game in many ways - easy access to shopping, jobs, can mean the difference between having companies decide to settle there...

So it's remarkably short-sighted (but not at all surprising) that "I don't use it why should I have to pay for it?" hangss on heavy in some peoples' vocabularies. I mean, I don't have kids, why should I pay for local schools? (except I do, because a) a good school improves my property value and b) well-educated kids ideally grow up to run the world better than poorly-educated ones)

Yeah, I'm afraid I don't buy into the "only pay for what you consume" philosophy of worldbuilding. I like my taxes to go toward building infrastructures and then maintaining them for all to use.

Oh, me too - but in Nebraska, that will never fly - particularly because many of those commuters, like me and my carpooler, are State employees, and we certainly wouldn't want to do anything to benefit *those*.

I agree with your philosophy and I wish more would.

I was listening to a discussion on the transit/money situation here in Mass which is complicated by the huge 'Big Dig' debt. The point made was that the economy in Boston is a major driver of the economy of the entire state and that the transit system in Boston is one of the things that makes it attractive to companies considering establishing themselves here. So the dollars invested by people in the western part of the state do benefit them too. That said I do believe that there should be more consideration of non highway ways to link that part of the state to the eastern half.

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