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Providing Leverage (first thoughts on the season/series finale)
nate-and-hardison, via champagnetoast
So, the Internet finally stayed up long enough for me to get this week’s Leverage downloaded from iTunes. The season finale, the series finale.

Yeah. Just…yeah.

So. Some random, slightly coherent thoughts, to go with my earlier slightly coherent post about the decision to end the series now.

No surprise in how things ended – I guessed going into the season that Hutton wouldn’t be staying, and the way they’d set it up, it made sense that Nate & Sophie would get their into-the-sunset, while the “kids” took over. Seriously, if you didn’t see that coming you were watching a different season than I was….

And I figured, when they set it up to be A and then threw in B being in the building, that we were really looking at B. And then…. Well, and then they caught me out, because while I knew Nate was playing the long game, I hadn’t realized it had been a long game with the final goal already played (a specific target in mind as well as a specific end-result of graduating the kids).

I’m not crazy about a few of the ways they pulled off the two-sided story tape (specifically, Parker and Nate on the roof figuring logistics was a nice scene but didn’t work into the second side of the tape and therefore felt off, plus the other Interpolies would have noticed three new players in their midst, especially in an understaffed office), but it would be wrong to quibble details about such an otherwise well-played con. Besides, if you start checking the underpinnings of a caper, it all falls apart. The trick is to keep things moving, never let anyone have time to stop and think*.

(I particularly liked the understudy dodge. I was totally caught on that one).

Oh, and Elliot's face when he gets "shot." BRILLIANT.

Also: Sterling! Sterling who totally knew the con was on, and was more fascinated with the how than the actual crimes… ah, James, you’re halfway to screwed and you can’t really bring yourself to care. Bankers? Brokers? Fuck 'em, so long as you don't get any serious shit on your shoes. That’s why we love you, you utter selfish bastard.

God, I wish they COULD get their hands on those files.

And the ending…yeah. The final use of the overhead shot was a gift and a knife-turn. Lovely pain. Nate and Sophie are still both emotionally stunted, but they've learned each other's shorthand by now. And aw, Parker. I loved you as a socially stunted, emotionally warped thrill-seeker, and I love you as a semi-functional, if slightly skewed, well, thrill-seeker. Be well. Do good. Be Parker. Don’t let the boys make things too complicated. Remember, Plans A-D are probably going to fail. M is the one where Hardison dies. Don’t use that one.

And now we have no more Leverage. And I has a sad.

*perks up* Fanfic?

*not that this will stop us. I mean, we've got nuthin' but time, now. *sniffle*

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Nate and Parker on the roof plays out for the getaway, not the ingress.

And yes! Eliot's "I'm shot" was everything the character is in one silent moment.

hrm. Which getaway? She stays in the building for most of the con, and then walks out with Hardison and Spencer....

(I've been too busy to re-watch yet, so admit I may have missed a going and a coming)

I thought it was for them to get out later... Now I'll have to rewatch :-)

and also a bit of "seriously, Nate? Bang?"

I knew they were setting *something* up all season, but this is Leverage so I wasn't sure what they were setting up.

Hopefully the books will do well, a la Stargate, or we can hope to dream, Star Trek...

Actually, I'd think the closest analogue in this case might be the Murder, She Wrote book franchise, which is still going strong years after the series finale (although that one has a single byline behind it, which may affect the logistics).

One can hope, at least.

The difference being that the MSW franchise was, by most current standards, inexpensive. Much will depend a) on how well the first three books do, and b) how much money the studios demand for the license...

(I would love to have another chance to pitch,myself. My original pitch got shot down because they were already working on a wine-related scam. Damn these Hollywood writers... I think my idea was better, personally. And wouldn't have involved so many obvious errors. But I admit most people wouldn't have seen those...)

We had the same feeling from the start of the season that Hutton was setting the team up for his departure. Got that feeling about Sophie part way through as well. Parker really came into her own this season, you could tell Sophie was grooming her for taking over.

I think why it worked so well, was that they kept moving, kept shifting where they were, so no one person was looking at them long enough t really start questioning who the 'new guy/gal' was, ie, the Provisional Interpol office bit.

Elliott's face was awesome.

Sterling did catch us at the end. We so did not see that coming at first. But then I started thinking about it as he and Nate are outside the vehicle talking and I said, they're not going to check out the driver or the guards? That's not like Sterling... Oh.

In a way, they did, sort of, leave it open for a spin off. but it wouldn't be the same.}:/

Ah well. There's always reruns- which I am thoroughly enjoying during the day. And DVDs.}:P

We had the same feeling from the start of the season that Hutton was setting the team up for his departure.

He was doing a fine job, as ever, but yeah, there was a bit of 'this isn't as much fun, any more" creeping in. Or maybe he was doing a damned fine job and that was entirely Nate. It could go either way.... :-)

Oh yes, he did an awesome job as per usual, but there was still a sense of, the end is coming for Nate, that hung over a lot of the episodes.

I have always enjoyed leverage, a show where I can relax and imagine a world where the good guys are coming to get revenge on the bad guys.

Leaving it here also works as a story with a beginning a middle and an end. It is better to go on a high, right.

I found it to be a satisfying ending, overall. I watched it again, cried again, still found it satisfying. Yes, Eliot's face was wonderful.

I was pleased to see Sterling. I'm not sure I would have noticed if he hadn't been there, but it was right and proper for him to be there.

I just watched this the other night, so I'm catching up with comments on teh internets.

Man, even though I KNEW a con was in play, the way they showed it with all the injuries and especially Eliot getting shot and the whole bromance moment in the back of the van, I was on the edge of my seat. It seemed so damn real.

Also loved the understudy thing, with Sophie being horrible then fantastic in the tellings. Also, the writers giveth and the writers taketh away on the issue of her NAME, gah!

I keep hoping for a spinoff with the kids, but yeah, looking into fanfic (that doesn't turn into slash).

My icon has a sad.

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