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I may be doing this wrong...
madness toll
So I agreed to write a freebie storie for a Valentine's Day blogparty. And, y'know, freebie stories... they shouldn't take TOO much of your paying time and words, right?

So why did this story take all weekend, and end up nearly 4,000 words long?

(because it's Bonnie and Venec, that's why. And a smidge of sexual content.)

And yes, y'all will get a chance to read it next month.

Speaking of short stories... I may have finally settled on the TOC for the digital short story collection. Looks like it's going to focus on the dark fantasy side... Twelve previously-published stories and either one or two new ones, depending on how the work goes. Updates as they happen.

And two new stories will be entering the market-search this week. Okay, so maybe I was more productive this weekend than I thought....

I suppose that's my cue to get to work?

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I don't suppose they've invented a coffee IV yet, have they?

the problems with an iv are a) I actually like the taste of (most...ok, GOOD) coffee, and b) I suspect it's as much the psychological aspects of making/drinking that get me into a work mode. That said, trying the same thing with non-caffeinated product Does. Not. Work.

A new Bonnie story? Yay!

::Squees over the new Bonnie story::

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