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Yesterday, I gave you sloths. Today, I give you...
slothful cats.


He was actually weirdly dignified in this pose. You can also see that his much-hated diet is showing results...

[and yes...he is a Big Boy. Nearly 3' stretched out, from stem to stern.]

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He looks so very comfortable. And cuddly.

unlike many cats, this is not a "go back, it's a trap!" pose. He will happily let me rub his tummy.

Unlike F's Potchka, who once lay flat out in the middle of a table surrounded by students, and when one lad went 'Aw!!!' and tickled her, he nearly lost a hand. She's Abyssinian....

Pandora, we suspect, is part-Abby. She comes by her nickname "the Duchess" quite honestly, and I'm the only person who has touching rights.

Boomer, on the other hand, is 40 pounds of golden retriever shoved into a 10 pound cat-suit.

I absolutely love this - he's a very nice cat, pretty colour. ♥

Aww...napping kitteh is napping.

Mmm. Love them big kitties.

That is an awesome picture of Boomer. I want to rub his big, fuzzy belleh!

I can get one of the semi-feral ones to do this on my lap; we refer to it as "boneless cat pose."

The marquis calls that pose '4 paws open': there is no direction from which the cat may safely be approached. (Either fuss or play *will* happen.)

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