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this week I....
citron presse
*worked up and submitted a proposal for a project in a new-to-me side of publishing.
*was interviewed for DOGTALK (a radio show) and was introduced solely by my pseudonym for the first time. That was... kind of surreal.
*was unexpectedly submitted (and got preliminary approval) for a project that could be a very fun, if time-intense, project.
*was headhunted for the first time in 5+ years for an editing job.
*spoke with several people about something (not related to the headhunting) that could change the direction of my career.
*chose the cover artist/designer for the Sylvan Investigations novellas (after several false starts).
*worked with editorial clients.
*started revisions for FIXED (G&T #2).
*did not do anywhere near enough writing.

That doesn't seem like enough to wear me out, but it did. Looking back, the proposal took rather more time than I'd been expecting. Hopefully it will pan out, but if not, at least I have the material to recycle/reuse at some later date. Because no writing is ever wasted, even if it's never used.

This weekend, rather than being at Arisia *sads* I will be finishing the revisions for PROMISES TO KEEP, doing some housekeeping of both house- and writing sorts, and Thinking Very Hard About Thinks. And, hopefully, sleeping. More than 6 hours of sleep in one stretch would be a loverly thing....

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*worked up and submitted a proposal for a project in a new-to-me side of publishing.

Best of luck!

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