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Feline updatery
citron presse

ElderCat has a torn (and slightly bloody) ear.  She let me clean it with a damp q-tip, and it doesn't look infected, but I'll be keeping a close eye on her today.  She seems calm, almost bored by the entire thing,  so I'm not going to stress. Much

No idea if CatofSize was involved or not.  They've lived together for 8 years now - never cuddly but always mostly-peacefully, and never before with damage. Do NOT want to deal w/ a change in the status quo....

EtA Sunday PM: the ear flap is slightly swollen today, so off to the vet she goes tomorrow morning.Tuesday afternoon (delayed so sick-me doesn't have to go out in the snow/slush).


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maybe it was a tough NYC rodent trying to cut in on her turf.. which she won of course..

The last time we had an invasion of non-household mammals, both cats spotted it, pointed at it, and said, in unison "mom? deal with that!"

Mousers, they ain't. Although in her younger years, Pandora used to kill yellowjackets for fun. I appreciated that greatly, being allergic to their stings.

she might have just been trying to get out of the way..

Sending very best healing wishest to all three of you.

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