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Speaking as someone whose doctor said had a body six years younger than he should at his actual age, health matters in people's judgement. Happiness probably fools people, too. Sad thing is, it is because we have so little of it.

From this distance, 45 and 29 look a lot alike . . .

I've known for a while how old you were and I still keep thinking you can't be over 35.

Maybe you're aging backwards, like Merlin. Let us know the day you get carded. :)

...and no gray hair, right? At the rate my beard is turning, people will think I'm 55 when I'm 45....

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I'm silvering, but people keep thinking it's just more blonde highlights. I've colored my hair once or twice, temporary rinses or adding highlights, but never really worry about covering up the gray. It is what it is, and anyone who thinks it makes me look old-and-therefore-unattractive isn't someone I want in my life anyway.

I only vaguely recall 29 but I don't think I enjoyed it very much :-)

But being 29 and looking 29 are very different things. And you've always looked considerably younger than your chronological age. DAMN YOUR UNLINED EYES! :-)

Oh, they're lined. Just not creased (yet). And the silver is slipping in....

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