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Superbowl Sunday, and those other days, too.
citron presse
Friday was The Day that Didn't Happen (meetings were rescheduled, phone calls that were promised didn't happen, etc). Least said, the best. Although there were nice incidentals, good work, and a lovely dinner with a friend that day, too.

Saturday was My 5th Anniversary Living In NYC Party. A LOT of people showed up. A LOT of food and booze was consumed. A lot of talk and laughter and people NOT checking FB or Twitter. Yay party. I kicked people out around 11:30 because I'm old and tired and I was going to see many of them the next day anyway...

Sunday was the annual Superbowl Party, even though a team not the Giants was playing another team not the Giants. As always when that happens, I went in hoping for a fun, interesting, well-played game (and that my exhaustion didn't end with me face down in my chili, because a) ow and b) my friends would totally liveblog that).

And what we got was.... well, it was fun, and it was interesting, and it was certainly one for the history books, although not for the usual reasons! (for those who missed the game, there was a power outage that resulted in a major delay). I don't believe that "momentum" changed, but I do think that it gave the Niners' coach time to insert his boot firmly, because his team came out like someone had kicked a firecracker up their shorts and we had a hell of a post-brownout half. The usual fun was had, viewing, chatting, and live-tweeting the game...

Oh, and there's a new Bonnie & Venec short story up - and a recipe, and a contest! - at Fools For Love!

And now it's Monday again. I have Hopes for this week. How about you?

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That sounds like a very good weekend.

I had a nice weekend. I didn't watch Superbowl, but I did watch Melodifestivalen. The best number: The presenters opening number. Ok. Yohio was good too. ( There is a reason I tend to watch the first part, and then skip to the final. LOL!)

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